1851 Haversack Kits.

On May 8, 2021 Fort McKavett SHS will be hosting a workshop for living historians to make the 1851 pattern haversack as used by soldiers to carry their food, ~1851-1876. The workshop will allow participants to make their own haversacks under the direction of site staff using notes and methods from the originals. The workshop will include hand sewing, painting, and stitching on the leather billet. All materials and instructions are provided. Any kits not completed at the workshop will need to be painted once finished. If you plan on attending the workshop, please reserve your spot below by 5/4/21.

Skill level:

Kit:      $30.00


Kit, shipped:               $40.00


Finished Haversack, shipped:              $80.00

The buttons above will be active only through 5/8/2021.

Any kits or finished haversacks to be shipped will be completed after the workshop.