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Volunteers are essential to the Texas Historic Commission as well as to Fort McKavett State Historic Site.
With your dedication and support we can reach many people with a desire to learn more about Texas history and its historical sites throughout the state of Texas. 
You can participate in a special event or service project as an individual or as a group or join the sites Friends group.
Site host volunteer opportunities are available at some sites. 
The THC agency is devoted to telling the historical facts about Texas history and events. Our mission is to protect and preserve the state’s historic and prehistoric resources for the use, education, enjoyment, and economic, and benefit or present and future generations. 
We offer a variety of opportunities for volunteers such as educators, living history actors, internships, administrators, researchers, fundraisers and many more. If you are a student, retiree, enjoy charitable work, interacting with others, improving lines of communication, being a role model, educating our future leaders and caring for your community, this is the place for you! 
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John Cobb Volunteer Award

John Cobb was a a mainstay at Fort McKavett for many years.  He spent many years volunteering at the Fort, but was also the President of the Friends of Fort McKavett for many of those years.  While it may not be possible to thank John for many years, months, days and hours he put into the Fort, we are happy to announce the creation of the John Cobb Memorial Volunteer Award.  This award will be given to a volunteer that has come close to dedication, willingness, as well as time that John put in, to make this Fort  better place.  The present Visitors center is not large enough to display all the wards that Fort McKavett has earned over the years as well as this one.  So, physical award will be given and displayed to winners in the future when a new physical structure is built that can hold such a award.Until then, this page will be here to not only remember John Cobb, but also those who have helped Fort McKavett in unforgettable ways.
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